Lake Merced Update

Golf Courses in the Drought

Grounds keepers at the TCP Harding golf course start lawn mowers and other tools early in the morning just as the grounds open for business. All along the course sprinklers run, using gallons of water every day to maintain the grass during one of the worst droughts on record.

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Reflecting on Lake Merced

This semester was incredibly challenging for me, but in the end I think I grew a lot. I have a lot of anxiety when it comes to talking to people I don’t know. Even in my part-time job I have trouble approaching people and talking to them. If someone is willing to start talking to me I have no problem, but I don’t like the be bothered when I’m out and about in the world, and I assume that everyone else feels the same, which is why I don’t like cold-approaching people.

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Story of a Statue: Anza

There are many statues around Lake Merced, one of which is one of Captain Juan Batista, also known as the Anza statue.

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The Vision: The Controversy Surrounding the City’s “Parkmerced Vision Plan”

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After years of controversy, the city and private contractors are going to begin a new project to construct houses and other structures in the Parkmerced area.

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10 things to do Around Lake Merced


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Striding for Life


Over 100 people gather on a Sunday morning at Lake Merced. Many wear running shoes, basketball shorts, and loose t-shirts, waiting for the race to start. A woman’s voice echoes over the crowd through a megaphone and asks everyone to line up. Minutes go by until the crowd starts counting down. The sound of a starter pistol rings out and startles some. Immediately the crowd starts their 4 mile run around Lake Merced, every dollar earned supporting the Strides for Life foundation, a charity centered around treating and promoting information about colon cancer. As the participants jog away, people begin cleaning up the mess left behind by visitors and participants, and packing up the many booths located around the event ground. Among them is Lawrence Cappel, president and founder of Strides for Life and organizer of the event for the last decade.

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Fourth Annual “Stride For Life” Marathon Taking Place This Sunday (October 11th, 2015)


The Colon Cancer Foundation will be celebrating their fourth annual charity marathon called “Strides for Life.” The event is meant to raise money and awareness about colon cancer, a disease that killed over 49,000 people in the United States last year.

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Lake Merced, a Spot For Tourists and Locals


The Merced area is home to multiple parks, beaches and attractions fit for locals and visitors. One of the most populated areas in the Park Merced area is Lake Merced itself. Originally discovered in the 19th century by Spanish explorers, Lake Merced quickly became the main source of fresh water in the city of San Francisco. Today it’s a public park with multiple amenities for people to take part in. The lake is a great place to go fishing, however due to the pollution in the lake today, it’s probably not a good idea to eat any of the fish you catch. However, In order to fish in Lake Merced you must acquire a fishing license.

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Ocean Beach, a Five Minute Drive From Lake Merced

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